A snow covered hike to hot springs

Utah is known for its ski slopes amazing hikes and view and for the unique hot springs. So like any other non-native Utahn going to hot springs was on my bucket list and I was lucky enough to have someone to go with to Fifth Water hot springs during my vacation. The springs are in Diamond Fork... Continue Reading →


A dinosaur park adventure 🦖🦕

Dinosaurs ... I love them. If you take a look at different aspects of my life you'll see how much Jurassic Park has influenced my life.  I now live in Utah where there are many dinosaur museums and its pretty great, however, every little paleontologist dream is to be able to walk with dinosaurs just like in Jurassic... Continue Reading →

Thank you,​ next

We've all heard Ariana's new single and we all agree its an amazing song of overcoming a breakup and moving on and becoming stronger, and that video was the best video ever, and really took us back to our childhoods. It's a song we can all relate to on some level and for me, it... Continue Reading →

December bullet journal spread

I went full Christmas with this spread and I had so many ideas that I ended up combining a bunch of them so it didn't come out as expected but I'm still really happy with the results! My December bucket list, I've added more and already have three of these crossed off so stay tuned... Continue Reading →

November bullet journal spread .

This month's spread is definitely much simpler, and I really just wanted space to really plan out my activities. I wanted a month where I could really just ponder all the good things that came from this year and all the changes that happened. I also have a bucket list for this month to really start... Continue Reading →

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