The pain of death is swallowed up in the peace of eternal life 

 As I looked out I saw peace and felt love . I couldn't help but feel that that's what waits for us after this life . That my grandmother would be there patiently and peacefully waiting . I didn't expect to land and find out my grandfather was there now too .  My paternal grandmother... Continue Reading →


The principle of tithing is a way to show our faith and put it to the test …

Elder Garcia is serving in the Orem , Utah mission , which is crazy cause he's from my very first stake and our first time visiting Utah was together and now we live in the same city . He's a real chill dude , graphic artist and DJ , no one stops dancing when he's... Continue Reading →

Hebrews 11:1

Hey everyone this is my friend , I met her about six months ago and we instantly clicked over our love for all things Harry Potter but then I got to hear her story and it's great and she is  amazing and is sharing her story . So here you go !  How do I... Continue Reading →

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