The pain of death is swallowed up in the peace of eternal life 

 As I looked out I saw peace and felt love . I couldn’t help but feel that that’s what waits for us after this life . That my grandmother would be there patiently and peacefully waiting . I didn’t expect to land and find out my grandfather was there now too . 

My paternal grandmother Delfa passed away a week before my birthday this year, I had never met her , but her passing hit me hard because she had nothing but love for me from the start. She called everyday when I was first born to check up on me , and was always asking about me . I would steal the phone away from my dad if he was ever talking to her when I was awake , while I would run if I knew my grandmother consuelo was on the phone . She always told me how much she loved me and my mom and how she really wanted to meet us and I could hear that , no matter how many countries separated us . I know my dad misses her he was planning to visit soon , but the lord had other plans. She’ll meet my mom soon , we know that , it’s a hard truth to know but we can at least find some comfort knowing that she had people that love her waiting . 

I knew boarding that plane that this might be one of the last times I see my mom . She’s in the late stages of her cancer …she was . My mom passed away this morning , I started writing this post on while was sitting with her last week but I had to stop , I kept meaning to continue but it was a busy week flying back , going to work. Her passing hurts so much knowing I won’t see be able to hug her , that I won’t hear her voice, that she won’t be able to be at my wedding , or hold my future children but a big part of my is relieved , she’s not in pain she’s not suffering she’s ok . 

“The restored gospel teaches us another important truth about the spirit body: it is perfect, not hampered or hindered by physical defects or disabilities. At death, the spirit body is liberated from the adverse effects of aging, disease, or handicaps.” Brent L Top

She’s crossed that necessary milestone . I can’t remember how I was going to continue the post . But I know that although she may no longer be physically here she’ll be with me all the time because I’ll always feel her and I’ll see her again because families are forever . That concept was what brought me to church because it felt absolutely true in my heart and that’s what will be giving me strength to go on . It what I hope my future children learn and know is true in their hearts . 

Life isn’t meant to be easy it’s meant to be a learning experience,  a trial , one that we can overcome through faith and perseverance . My Mom is gone because her purpose on Earth was accomplished . She loved deeply , she sacrificed so much, she endured so much pain and she meant so much to so many . She gave everything she could and left so much for us to remember , to cherish and to continue learning from .  I finished this post to honor all that she did , to thank her for those words she said four years ago. Words I cherish so much and that have led me to know that I’ll see her again , that there is a plan and that this plan does lead to happiness and that by understanding it life’s trial will be bearable and will always promote growth . 

So I leave you now with the same thing she told me 4 years ago . “Listen to the missionaries , Just listen . Hear the message they have to share “. 


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