Just keep enduring , you are not alone 

Trials are necessary parts of life but they are not meant to last forever . They at times seem like they are crushing us and that we are alone but we are not . We are surrounded by people we love and by the one that loves us the most ; our Heavenly Father . We are never alone . He wants the best for us and if we came down to this earth it was to be tested and to grow and that happens when being faced with difficult trials . 

I struggle sharing my trials and asking for help , sometimes I feel like why ? They won’t care , they’re living their own lives having their own trials . But recently my best friend talked to me about her breakup and I felt her pain , like I truly felt it maybe because of the love I have for her and maybe becausey own relationship just ended . Her being able to share that with me helped us both understand why things happen she needed someone to understand what she was going through and I needed someone to talk about what I’ve been refusing to talk about . It made us not feel alone . 

This experience helped me open up to my roommate about something and give her the opportunity to not only help me but help someone else . Sharing my fears with her allowed some weight to be taken off my chest . 

I’m learning that opening up gives other the opportunity to help and it helps us feel the love that is out there for us . Facing trials is hard on our own so we have to open up and know and trust the lord and those around us to make our trials easier with their love and support . 


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