“Because God gives answers when we ask questions, it is a good way to do missionary work. People will learn when they are ready to learn” -CM. C 

Hey guys this is Sierra , she’s from my YSA ward back in California and she actually just received her mission call to come labor in the Orem,  Utah Mission . Her mission call  journey has been long but definitely prepared her for this amazing chapter she’s about to begin . Here’s her story ! 

I have always wanted to go on a mission. It is actually kinda funny how I started my process. I was talking to my home ward bishop while about a month before I graduated from Quartz Hill high. I told him I wanted to serve a mission, & was thinking about starting my papers that following winter. While I was talking he already signed me up for the online recommendation system. I was shocked. 
So it was on & off of working on my papers for 2 years. It was last fall, in 2016 & I had a job then. I was working & asked Heavenly Father what my next step should be, because I was deciding between moving up to Utah or go on a mission. I was fasting & praying for a few months. My answer came! Not in a normal kind of way, the answer came as a dream. In the dream, it started when I opened a big white envelope, while I was reading the letter, I realized it was a mission call. I woke up & knew that I should go on a mission. For a few months I was finishing up & updating my form when a passing of a family member came out of nowhere.  On my birthday while I was at work, my step-grandpa, the only grandpa I have ever known life passed away. I postponed the 2 last things to help out with the funeral & helping my grandma move into our house, because she had dementia. It was hard for all of us. About a month & a half later, I finished my papers!! Had interviews with both my bishop & stake president one week after General Conference. I waited for 5 weeks to receive my mission call….. it didn’t come, instead my grandma, the one that  lived with us, passed away in a residential home. It was so fast, in 3 months my grandparents passed while I was still waiting for my mission call. A coupe of days after her death, both my bishops and stake president told me that my assignment was made! I was so excited! 

My parents & I knew that something amazing would come around. That following week, my call came in! I had to wait & it was the longest wait I have ever experienced. I only had family as part of this celebration. As I was opening my call, my hands were shaking so bad, as I was reading the call out loud, my assignment was to labor in one of the newest missions formed, Utah Orem English speaking. I am leaving on June 28th, the end of this month!! 

This was a hard wait, but I know that I wasn’t ready to go on a mission at the age of 19, so I put my faith & trust in God. He prepared me for things that happened so fast. I know that I was to stay at home & wait a little longer to prepare myself more & learn so much more. I love the gospel, & can’t wait to have the Lord guide me on this wonderful experience I am about to have . 

Sierra & Pres . Silva ( her dad )
Sierra and her Mom


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