4 years later … 

Four incredible years , four difficult but incredible years since I was baptized . Living the gospel doesn’t means life will be perfect it means it’ll be worth it because you know the truth , you know life if full of trials and that every day makes you stronger and that there is a plan . That going though the trials and trusting the lord will help you overcome those obstacles and make you more like him . I can’t believe how much my life has changed in four years who I’ve become , how much I have lost but all I have gained.  So much of me is still that same girl but so much more is so incredibly different and better , I’m not perfect but I am much a better , and I can only continue striving to follow His example. I’m so thankful to have met amazing Sister missionaries who showed me love and taught me . I love the gospel , I love our Lord and Savior . I love the plan and the temples and I know without a doubt in my heart that the Church of Jesus Christ of later day saints is true . 


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