“For all who have grieved over the death of someone they loved, the Resurrection is a source of great hope.”  Paul V Johnson 

I reached for you this morning
Woke up with empty arms
Once again it’s sinking in
How far away you are
This kitchen’s way too quiet
You should still be here with me

And even though I cry like crazy
Even though it hurts so bad
I’m thankful for the time God gave me
Even though he couldn’t make it last
I’m learning how to live without you
Even though I don’t want to
And even with you gone love lives on

– Mallory Hope

This week has been thought provoking to say the least . Many of you know by now that I lost my mom a couple months ago , but most don’t know that I also lost a Grandmother and a Grandfather this year too. 

On Monday I walked into my first  institute class and Brother D. Is asking the class if they had had anyone in their family pass away. I immediately​ wished I hadn’t been the last one to walk in the door because I knew what was coming , but I sat down and answered his question calmly.  Out of about 15 students I was the only one with more than one person and the only one with a parent . He looked at me and asked me at how old I had been and I told him that I lost my grandmother in February and my grandfather and mom in April within a week of each other. To say he wasn’t expecting that would be an understatement. He then asked me how I dealing with it or what was helping me get through it , so I told him how my mom asked me to meet the missionaries four years ago , and how this past general conference meant so much to me. He then said that this class would be particularly beneficial to me since it was about the Resurrection . 

So that’s what this post is about , Resurection and how powerful and important it is in our lives . And guess what my second institute class also touched on the Ressurection this week in a more subtle way that let me know that the Lord prepares us to learn things when we are ready to listen . 

So what is the resurrection ? Is it mearly the bringing back of the soul into the body for judgement ? Is it only possible for the savior and the just? Will those ressurrected be just as they were in their mortal life? What about children ? 

The resurrection is the the uniting the body of flesh  with the spirit to be together once again and to never be parted again forball of eternal life. The resurrection will be universal;meaning that everyone will be joined once more due to our savior breaking the bands of death through his atonement and resurrection. However not all will be resurrected with the same glory ; this being because the same spirit we have now will once again join with the bodies we have now. Meaning I will still be me, loud, shy easily annoyed Lis on the inside , I’ll still have my memories even more so at this point actually, so to simplify on the inside well be the same person . However on the outside , physically we’ll be perfect in our frames. Children will come forth to be raised by their righteous parents .

Let me explain a bit more : 

Why won’t we be ressurrected in the same glory? 

Because we will be resurrected depending on the life we lived , the faith we had the things we did . We will be resurrected depending on if we lived a celestial , a telestial or a terestial life. We will have a perfect knowledge of all that we have ever done ,what kind of life we lived and who we were. 

How will we be perfect in our frames if we are who we were in our mortal lives? 

“The ressurection is literally a coming forth from the dead of the mortal body, with every part that is essential part intact and immortalized that the body will not die again . “- Joseph F. Smith

Through the love and grace of our Lord and Savior anything that superficial will not matter . There will be no evidence of the fall of Adam and Eve . Any ailment we suffered  will no longer be around . Any marks , scars or anything created by disease or accidents will be erased . How amazing and hopeful is that ?! To know that I’ll see my mom again standing at her full heigth , with no surgery scars , with no broken bones, being able to walk and run and talk . To see her body is perfect working order . That’s what gets me through every day knowing I’ll see her like that again . Knowing that I’ll be able to hug her and no it be afraid of breaking her. To know that my dad will be able to see his wife and mother as the two beautiful women they were and even more so the healthy women they will be . That’s amazing , it pushes me to grow my faith everyday . 


The LDS church doesn’t baptize children until the age of 8, because that’s the age where most children can start truly understanding the concepts of the plan of salvation and when they can distinguish right from wrong .  If they never got that chance they why would they be judged if they passed away at a young age or at birth when they are more perfect than those who lived . After the resurrection those that lost children will be able to raise them and watch them grow . 

Missing someone you love is hard , everyday you wish you could be with them , and you second guess your actions and decisions. You think of all the missed opportunities you had with them , all the love you could have given. But the resurrection helps in giving us hope that we’ll see them again and that we will be able to have those eternal families, and live happily .

        This why family history is so important, the Lord knows who we are and where we come from but He gives us an amazing opportunity: to know for ourselves and to help us do the necessary ordinances so that when the time comes the work is already done. Family history work breaks down the middle wall between those that have lived before us and ourselves . It allows us to feel closer to them , and to get to know them on Earth . 

“Temple and genealogy work are visible testimonies of our belief in the ressurection and atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ . ” Boyd K. Packer

At the end of class Brother D asked me if I worried about my mom . I honestly reliplied that I didn’t , that I knew  she wasn’t suffering , that she had been an amazing women full of love , that although she couldn’t be active in the church due to her condition that what she wanted most was to go to the temple that she longed to once more be in His presence . He replied telling me that God knows our intent and knows are desires  and knows who we want to be even if we can’t physically be that person . After my second class on Wednesday this guy came up to me , he happens to be in both of my institute classes so he’s heard about how difficult it’s been this year and he told me he had a prompting to share a scripture from the Pearl of Great Price with me , he shared it in Spanish but here I’ll share it in both Spanish and English . 

Moses 1:24for behold ,this is my work and my glory : to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man . “

Moises 1:39 “Porque, he aqui , esta es min obra y mi gloria :Llevar acabo la immortalidad y la vida eternal del hombre . “

Now my mom didn’t quote scripture often , but this is one I have a vague memory of her quoting once and maybe I remember it because I told her that I couldn’t find it , that there wasn’t a book on Moses in the Bible or in the Book of Mormon  and she told me that it was found in the Pearl of great price .  So if this guy was prompted to share with me the one scripture that I’m familiar with from one of the books I have yet to read in the language I have only heard it in Spanish and from the person I miss most , I know deep in my soul the church is true , that there is a God , a savior and a plan . That through the Holy Ghost the Lord speaks to us to let us know he loves us . 


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