“Always have your sights set on the temple “-Thomas S. Monson

Today was interesting I was on my way out to my appointment when I received the strong prompting that I should go to the temple , I was like ok let’s go . I grab my temple bag open it and my temple recommend isn’t inside . I start freaking out and try to recall when the last time I went to the temple was and I’m like crap , did I hand it to someone to hold on to and didn’t get it back , did I drop it . I quickly tore what I could of my room apart and still couldn’t find it , I was like “ok I’ll keep looking if I can’t find it by tomorrow morning I’ll ask who I went to temple with.” As soon as I pull out of my complex parking lot I had the vivid memory of putting my recommend in my backpack before I headed out to California . Now that backpack is currently in a huge bin in my closet about 3 feet over my head so it’s pretty much out of sight out of mind  . Anyways I’m driving to my appointment and I realized that in my mad dash to find my recommend I only grabbed  a lab shirt, and a long skirt but that I didn’t grab work shoes. I was like great I can’t go to the temple not just because  I didn’t have my recommend on me , but because I grabbed  a skirt that I still haven’t finished modifying the hem. So here I am unable to go into the temple and wearing inappropriate shoes to work. 

Honestly the thought of “why did I get the prompting to go to the temple if I wasn’t going to be able to go” never crossed my mind. Just the fact that I was running around like a mad woman trying to find my recommend taught me a very valuable lesson. To always be prepared and focused on the temple and to be able to attend the temple. To always keep the temple in my sights.

 The problem with my shoes was an easy fix there’s a mall right across from the SLC temple. Why looking around for a pair and I realized how much more worried I was about having my recommend than about having to buy a quick pair of cheap shoes . Material things you can easily buy , but you can’t buy salvation , you can’t buy your covenants , you can’t buy your standing  in the church, those things you work your life for ,those are things you don’t want to lose. 

I got my shoes , and I was like well I still have an hour and the temple is right across the street . Let me just walk over . The peace I felt was amazing , the heat was too much to linger outside for too long but those minutes outside were so calming and much needed . So I went to the north visitors center and just sat , listening to the music inside , looking at the art and I knew I was getting the peace I’ve been needing and it was in a way redeeming since last time I was there I was having a full blown anxiety attack, so to be able to just sit there and relax was amazing. 

Let’s constantly keep the temple in our sights and not lose our ability to attend and partake of the many blessings inside. Today I learned a valuable lesson :to be more aware of my ability to attend the temple , in all senses of that phrase, I encourage to try that as well. 


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