“We build our marriages with endless friendship, confidence, integrity, and by administering and sustaining each other in our difficulties.” James E Faust

24 years ago my family in a chapel somewhere in the LA stake my parents got married and I was lucky enough to be there at a little over a year old . Yes my parents didn’t have a temple marriage but they will on day and my parents will be able to spend eternity together. 

I always admired my parents marriage , now that I’ve gone through the temple and seen sealing it amazes me how much love is in a marriage . When I look at pictures of them I see how they had a little bit temple right here on earth . 

“In marriage—as in all relationships—happiness abounds when there is respect for each other. One must have a capacity to work out problems, a willingness to give and take, and a genuine unselfishness.”-Thomas S Monson 

My dad adored my mom , he was the best husband to her,  putting her before anything , sacrificing so much for her . My dad missed a few years of my life to take care of her , at first I was mad but I realize I can’t be mad at his love for her . I realized how great of a man my dad is . 

One of the last conversations I had with my mom was about  marriage and how she wanted me to have a temple marriage and to find a guy that would treat me the way my dad treated her . She asked me to find someone that even in pictures our love was noticeable . 

I’ve seen what she was talking about I saw it with my friends Danny and Suzette and I saw it with my parents everyday . 

Today was hard for both of us , we miss her. I know my dad is hurting  she was his companion , his best friend , the love of his life, but I know they’ll be together again , and that their love will be even brighter and stronger than here on Earth .  

Happy Aniversary Mom and Dad ! 


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