“Your habits of family prayer and scripture reading will create more lasting memories and greater changes of heart than you may realize now.” Henry B. Erying 

Have you ever stopped to think on this ? 

– Are you making the time for prayer and scripture study ? 

I’m guilty of missing scripture study some days when I’m rushing to get to class  or coming home late in the morning after work and sitting down and just falling asleep before a prayer , it happens sometimes ; it’s a habit we have to build on everyday not just to do it but to make those prayers and scripture study meaningful . 

I can easily say well I’m exhausted or I woke up late , or I got woken up by someone at the door but then I’m making excuses .  How much time do I spend doing unimportant things when I could take that time to focus on my scriptures or on listening after a prayer? 

Days started and ended by prayer are more meaningful , more centered and have a higher spiritual meaning . 

I used to be good at scripture study I had a whole binder back home withpages on a specific topic , but since moving it’s been harder to study that way , but I know I need to change that and set times to focus , sit down and read. Scriptures are a gift to us , so why would we choose to disregard them. 

I spent 21 years in a household that had a nice set of hardcovered scriptures and another set of leather scriptures . They went untouched unless we were moving . I now see that as a sad thing . We had so much love from our Heavenly Father right in the home and we weren’t accepting it , so much knowledge he wanted us to know that we didn’t open and read . 

We have to make a  conscious  effort to knock on that door of communication with our Heavenly Father . He has told us that he will open that door for those who seek him, and who knock upon that door . This is the best invitation we could ever receive : to come unto him . Let’s not waste it . Little my little building day by day , five minutes at a time slowly increasing time and effort . Picking a topic for a day or for a month or a full Book of Mormon read through  is a good start for study while letting the Holy Spirit guide you through your study . Let’s pray in thanks and with love our others , for opportunities to serve , pray for guidance , for strength , for humility . 

I testify that prayer opens the communication with our Heavenly Father and that through this He  guides us to do what he needs us to do and he answers our prayers through study, the scriptures are His words , he revealed them to his messengers for us . Let’s not put life first , let’s put the Lord first. Life finds a way to happen everyday without us having a say in the days coming and going , however though prayer and scripture study we do have a say in living each day a little bit more spiritually uplifted . 

Tips for prayer and scripture study : 

Prayer : 

  • “Prayer is a key. Pray to know what to stop doing and what to start doing. Pray to know what to add to your environment and what to remove so the Spirit can be with you in abundance. ” Russell M Nelson 
  • “Our spirituality is directly connected to the way we pray and worship—to our relationship with our Heavenly Father and the Savior and the Holy Ghost. When you pray, pour out your heart!”          “Honest, meaningful communication with Heavenly Father can make all the difference in a moment, an hour, a day, a life.”           Mary Edmunds 
  • “Prayer does not consist of words, altogether. True, faithful, earnest prayer consists more in the feeling that rises from the heart and from the inward desire of our spirits … It matters not how simple the words may be, if our desires are genuine and we come before the Lord with a broken heart and contrite spirit to ask Him for that which we need.” Joseph F Smith 
  • “Our prayers should be meaningful and pertinent. We should avoid using the same phrases in each prayer. Any of us would become offended if a friend said the same few words to us each day, treated the conversation as a chore, and could hardly wait to finish in order to turn on the television set and forget us.” Ezra Taft Benson 

Scripture study :

  • “Sometimes reading a few verses, stopping to ponder them, carefully reading the verses again, and as you think about what they mean, praying for understanding, asking questions in your mind, waiting for spiritual impressions, and writing down the impressions and insights that come so you can remember and learn more. Studying in this way, you may not read a lot of chapters or verses in a half hour, but you will be giving place in your heart for the word of God, and He will be speaking to you.” D . Todd Christopherson 
  • “If we pay close attention to the uses of the word remember in the holy scriptures, we will recognize that remembering in the way God intends is a fundamental and saving principle of the gospel.” Marlin k Jensen 
  • “Always, within each day we must turn to the scriptures. The stories contained therein hold keys to discovering balance. If we search the scriptures for ideas to create balance in our lives, we will find answers to our prayers.” Emily Freeman 
  • “Over time I have come to appreciate the differences among reading, studying, searching, pondering, and feasting on the scriptures. Reading is to learn from what one sees in writing or print. Studying is an act of contemplation. Searching means to look carefully to find or discover something. Pondering is to weigh in the mind. Feasting means to partake abundantly.” Mervyn B Arnold 

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