In loving memory of Norman J. Ovando

You were such an amazing human being and in less than a month my heart was yours even with a 10 hour drive and 3 states between us, it must have been all the cheese and the smiles and the stories and the easy banter, and the magnitude of your heart but honestly I think it was your love for the gospel that would leave me speechless . That was your foundation for everything , that was how you served others , that was how you loved everyone . You were there for me during the hardest part of my life this past year, striving to put a smile on my face every day , loving me when I made it so hard to do so . For always thinking of me and doing what seemed to be the littlest of things but that truly meant the world. Normy I’ve missed your jokes and your laugh and the weird animal noises you made and it still won’t sink in that I won’t hear them again . I still remember the first thing you ever said to me “So you’ll be with us for a while then?”, and how I totally beat you at mini golf on our first date , and how I knew what question you were going to ask outside the temple so I said “yes , I do like cake” before you could ask, and also how you would call me out when I was being a brat or avoiding a subject and how on Christmas you got me where I couldn’t run away and laid it out on the line: you liked me a lot , I liked you a lot too and you we should just go ahead and make it official because we pretty much were. I like how you didn’t ask so that I didn’t have a chance to say I liked pie or something stupid like that, you took charge and I was into it , let’s face it ,by then I was already too into you that I would not have said no.

Norm you taught me so much about the gospel about why you knew it was true . The way you expressed yourself about the gospel was amazing and the way you would explain things made it so easy to understand and really feel the spirit. One of my favorite things about you was your love for the temple , how you made it a point to make an effort to go together , even if it did get awkward at times ( we just really liked each other ) . I always enjoyed that special time with you , weather it was in a session or just sitting outside reading scriptures and drinking chocolate milk. You touched so many people and changed so many lifes that’s the legacy you leave behind , how much you changed people how many people only have great things to say about you . You loved your mission the way you spoke of it and I admire you so much for going back and finishing even after getting sick twice while you were out . You were so determined to do good , and share the gospel and you helped bring so much joy and change to people’s life and that is such an amazing accomplishment .

I’ll miss your enthusiasm about the smallest of things and how proud and excited I was when you called about your LSAT scores . How you would get super excited over bears and I’m sorry I couldn’t take you to the zoo on your birthday, we just had sucky work schedules .

I’ve missed hearing your voice telling me these amazing stories you would come up with late nights on the phone . I’m so happy to at least have one written down it’s an amazing reminder of how you saw the gospel in everything . I regret how things ended between us but I thank you for doing so, for giving me the space to grieve and to get my head back in a good place . I’m sorry I didn’t realize sooner that I shouldn’t have shut you out , that I still very much needed you in my life , recently I’ve been realizing that my feelings for you didn’t change , but that my pain masked all my other emotions . I know I loved you but that unfortunately I just couldn’t love right then . Your passing tore right through that wall ; the feelings as strong as the night before my mom’s passing . They never changed Norm , I just regret not being able to show and continue sharing that love with you . The pain and fear of my reality and the future took that chance away. I’m so sorry it did . You were the best thing to happen to me this year .

I’ll always have a special place in my heart saved just for you Moop , you earned it last thanksgiving as I fell asleep asking you why you even liked me and naturally you took a picture and posted it and when I saw it the next day I wasn’t even mad it was then I knew you and I were something more than friends . You are and will always be my favorite dork . Norm I hope and pray that you can feel all our love for you right now, that you are at peace that you know you will never be forgotten and that I’m so thankful to have been even been a part of your life . Oh and by the way you owe me 49 stories and a Niffler .


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  1. Hi, i knew norm. i am in his ysa ward back in lancaster. after his passing i stopped going to church because it hurt to believe the greatest and kindest guy ever could be gone. i stopped going and it was there stated how he died and nobody speaks of it anymore. i was wondering if you would be willing to let me know what happened? i cant let go of what cold have happened to this incredible man at such a young age


    1. Hey so unfortunately that’s a question I can’t answer. After his passing what helped me better come to terms with it was to go talk to my bishop receive a blessing and to pray . I prayed to understand why things happened the way they did . The answer I got was that it wasn’t for us to know what happened but that I had to know that he loved the gospel , and that the lord loved him and that Norm was loved by everyone and that He had such a great understanding of the gospel and that he felt that love .
      We have to remember that there is a plan for all of us and that ultimately the lord does want us to return to live with him but that because he loves us he gave us agency . He wants what’s best for us but we go have certain trials to grow as humans and that the Lord will not give us more than we can handle but we have that agency to choose how we deal with our trials .
      For me his passing was a trial of my own I had to make the decision to hold on tighter to the gospel and get the help I had refused to get after my mom’s passing and it helped me realize that death is necessary and how who we are on this earth prepares us for the next phase of our life and that the only one that truly knows us is our Heavenly Father and that he knows us by our works and our desires . I feel like reaching out to my bishop really helped me work through this an understand things and it helped me grow my testimony of the atonement and the healing power of it .


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