Angels Landing – Zion National Park

This past weekend I went down to Zion National park, which is a must on everyone's Utah bucket list, with so beauty there how can you not take advantage of that and go? Okay so you can say that about any state you live in, and I know that I didn't appreciate California as much as... Continue Reading →


Porto’s Bakery : a must during a California trip

If you're from southern California and you don't know Porto's ... I don't even know because it has now become such an iconic place to southern Californians, and is rapidly expanding to cover a larger area. I remember that when we first started going there were only two locations the Glendale and the Burbank ones. Now... Continue Reading →

Hispanic heritage in Los Angeles

I went to California this past weekend and in honor of Hispanic heritage month, I made sure to hit up places that were showcasing the Hispanic heritage in LA. I ended up going to the National History Museum, Olivera street, and El Mercado but unfortunately, I couldn't get that many pictures at Olivera street or el... Continue Reading →

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