Bullet journaling to a more organized health and creative life .

So I’ve always been a planner but I’ve felt constricted by the tiny little agenda and planner boxes so I would give up halfway though a planner and start using post-it notes and sticking them on the dates .

For daily journaling I’ve tried so hard but some days I have a lot to say and vent about while other days I don’t so my journals end up half used , which is a bummer cause I have some really nice ones .

The health apps on my phone annoy me because I can’t really get an overview of my health , I mean I can but not in a way that makes sense to me , so it’s not a good measure for me .

Hi my name is Lis and I have a huge Washi tape problem . Yeah I do , I use it for everything : on walls , gifts , cards , piggy banks , scriptures .

So if I put all my needs and my aesthetic preferences what do I get : a bullet journal !! So I just started a month ago and already I can see a difference , I’m getting more done , I can see where I lag in my habits and I get to use the creative part of my brain a bit more. So I thought I’d share this new creative outlet with you guys , I’ll be seeing if I post flip- through and walkthroughs , and pictures and maybe some behind the Scenes for upcoming spreads, but I’m excited to start on this new little creative planning journey !


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