A year ago

It's 12:45am and today is already hard . I miss them . I miss her for just being her and not having her around to tell me to keep going and to be careful . I miss not being able to text him when I get home from a scary drive from work and for... Continue Reading →


25 days in 25 ways :Days 1-9

So I decided to put together these pictures with the daily scriptures of he light the world initiative . I'll be splitting them in 3 parts. So I haven't decided if I'll post them midweek or at the end , but I definitely think these will be updated to include testimonies at the end of... Continue Reading →

A mental health getaway 

So I ran away twoweekends ago ,and only for four days but still . It was something I had been thinking about but didn’t expect to happen until I snapped and was like I’m leaving and still I wanted to back out while on the road .  Going home hasn’t been easy this year I... Continue Reading →

It’s the little things in life that make us see how worthwhile things are . The plan is set but if we are not enjoying life along the way then we are not following it right . 

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