Life happens .. turning the whys into whats and hows .

We all have had a Neville moment where we things bad things only happen to us, or that we are always having things go wrong, but have we stopped to think of it’s even worth to ask a question that we already know the answer to in the back of our minds? Should we really... Continue Reading →


Life found a way … time to ring in the new year

So 2017 ... I remember starting the year being so excited, nervous but excited, I was happy, and I was scared but even through all that I felt happiness, now the year has come to pass and this past year was not anything like I imagined it would be. At the start of this 2017,... Continue Reading →

So I was advised to do something this Christmas in remembrance of the people I lost this year. To do it as a way to honor a holiday that they loved so much. Which is kinda the complete opposite of what I wanted to do. I knew I was going to be alone this weekend... Continue Reading →

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