25 days in 25 ways :Days 1-9

So I decided to put together these pictures with the daily scriptures of he light the world initiative . I'll be splitting them in 3 parts. So I haven't decided if I'll post them midweek or at the end , but I definitely think these will be updated to include testimonies at the end of... Continue Reading →



Hey so its that special time of year, December : a time where we especially remember our savior. This year makes the second year of the #lighttheworld campaign by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. These 25 days are an amazing opportunity to step away from the stresses of the end of... Continue Reading →

A mental health getaway 

So I ran away twoweekends ago ,and only for four days but still . It was something I had been thinking about but didn’t expect to happen until I snapped and was like I’m leaving and still I wanted to back out while on the road .  Going home hasn’t been easy this year I... Continue Reading →

It’s the little things in life that make us see how worthwhile things are . The plan is set but if we are not enjoying life along the way then we are not following it right . 

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