“Always have your sights set on the temple “-Thomas S. Monson

Today was interesting I was on my way out to my appointment when I received the strong prompting that I should go to the temple , I was like ok let's go . I grab my temple bag open it and my temple recommend isn't inside . I start freaking out and try to recall... Continue Reading →


He loves us so much that he lifts our burdens , provides us the strength we need to makes trials easier to overcome and he delivers us from them . All he asks is for us to submit our wills to him and to do so willingly . 

4 years later … 

Four incredible years , four difficult but incredible years since I was baptized . Living the gospel doesn't means life will be perfect it means it'll be worth it because you know the truth , you know life if full of trials and that every day makes you stronger and that there is a plan... Continue Reading →

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