Institute Devo: President Oaks & Sister Oaks

    So a couple of weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to hear from President Oaks and Sister Oaks at the UVU institute.  #instituteperks. So I wanted to share the main points I got out of it. I should mention that although Pres. Oaks had been preparing for this devotional for a while... Continue Reading →


The growth in a Utah year .

So it’s been a year since I packed up my car , said bye to my bird, my parents and my home state and started the 12 hour journey that would bring me to Utah and a new and very important chapter in my life . Now by now you all probrably know all the... Continue Reading →

In the words of Thomas S. Monson

This Tuesday our beloved Prophet Thomas S. Monson passed away peacefully in his home surrounded by his family. After his 90 years of life, he leaves a legacy of love, strength, discipleship and countless advice and guidance for all of us. In honor of his memory, I wanted to compile some of his quotes that have been impactful... Continue Reading →

So I was advised to do something this Christmas in remembrance of the people I lost this year. To do it as a way to honor a holiday that they loved so much. Which is kinda the complete opposite of what I wanted to do. I knew I was going to be alone this weekend... Continue Reading →

A year ago

It's 12:45am and today is already hard . I miss them . I miss her for just being her and not having her around to tell me to keep going and to be careful . I miss not being able to text him when I get home from a scary drive from work and for... Continue Reading →

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