What’s in my cruelty-free toiletry travel bag ? ✈️🚘🛳

Well I'm off on a mini vacation to warmer spring weather and of course just because I'm traveling doesn't mean I have to give up my favorite cruelty free products so I put together pictures of the basic toiletries you might need that have cruelty free options available . The Essentials: toothpaste , acne cleanser... Continue Reading →


March bullet journal spreads !!

March is my birthday month and so I wanted to create a celestial/ horoscope / astrological theme for this month and well it didn't turn out how I expected but I still like it . I chose the quote by Carl Sagan "we are made of star stuff "because it connects to by beliefs that... Continue Reading →

Hispanic heritage in Los Angeles

I went to California this past weekend and in honor of Hispanic heritage month, I made sure to hit up places that were showcasing the Hispanic heritage in LA. I ended up going to the National History Museum, Olivera street, and El Mercado but unfortunately, I couldn't get that many pictures at Olivera street or el... Continue Reading →

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