What’s in my cruelty-free toiletry travel bag ? ✈️🚘🛳

Well I'm off on a mini vacation to warmer spring weather and of course just because I'm traveling doesn't mean I have to give up my favorite cruelty free products so I put together pictures of the basic toiletries you might need that have cruelty free options available . The Essentials: toothpaste , acne cleanser... Continue Reading →


A Girl can do what she wants to do, through respect , education and equality and International Women’s Day proves it.

It's international women's day !!! A day to celebrate all the strengths that make women powerful and to show each other that we can't be stopped that there is so much potential in us to change the world every day. That we can do anything we set our minds to and that we can do... Continue Reading →

Thank you,​ next

We've all heard Ariana's new single and we all agree its an amazing song of overcoming a breakup and moving on and becoming stronger, and that video was the best video ever, and really took us back to our childhoods. It's a song we can all relate to on some level and for me, it... Continue Reading →

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